Teaching Laboratory for Past’ Materiality

Our lab aims to train new professionals in the field of Prehistory and Archaeology, offering training in the analytical techniques available for reconstructing past societies.


Our teaching facilities combine the interests of the areas of Prehistory and Archaeology to offer an updated training to the students of the University of Alcalá.


Our facilities include different microscopy (binocular, metallographic and petrographic microscope) and computer equipment to offer students specific training in the latest analytical techniques in Prehistory and Archaeology.


ArchaeoLab is a specialized laboratory in the application of analytical techniques to archaeological material of different nature.


ArchaeoLab involves a dynamisation of research in the field of Prehistory with the development of new research projects that include the application of groundbreaking techniques for the analysis of archaeological materials. It offers professional advice, support and training in different techniques with the aim of creating collaborations between different organisations at regional, national and international level.


Facilities include different microscopy equipment, digital image processing, 3D digitalisation of archaeological materials, measuring systems and precision scales.


Facultad de Filosofía y Letras. Campus Histórico
Colegio de Málaga
C/ Colegios 2
E-28801. Alcalá de Henares (Madrid)


Phone: 91 885 44 03

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